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the proper care of cashmere


dry cleaning will ruin your cashmere...

The rule is simple: DO NOT DRY CLEAN CASHMERE. 


Dry cleaning fluid is incredibly hard on the fibers, and will cause them to dry out and break before their time.

Don’t do it. 


Yes, we know what the label says – but seriously, don’t do it.

Instead...  hand wash your cashmere sweaters in cold water and baby shampoo. Yes, really! Baby shampoos have very few surfactants, so they’re extremely gentle, and they smell great as well.

Here’s the 411 on washing your cashmere sweaters:

1. Fill the sink with cold water and a few squirts of baby shampoo.

3. Place the sweater in the water and gently squeeze until the sweater is wet through. DO NOT wring or twist.

4. Leave the sweater to soak for three to five minutes.

5. Rinse the sweater until the water is clear and the sweater is soap-free. Gently squeeze the water out of the sweater. I typically start at the neck and squeeze to the hem. Again, no wringing.

6.Lay a clean, dry towel on a table. Lay the sweater flat on the towel and roll it up. Gently squeeze the towel to draw the rest of the water out of the sweater. 

7. Lay another towel on a flat surface; spread the sweater out flat. Button cardigans and pull the placket so that it’s straight; be sure that sleeves and hems are laid out completely flat, to avoid crazy drying wrinkles. 

Voila! You’re done!  

And best of all, your cashmere lived to tell about it.


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